The idea is simple… get outside your comfort zone.

However, ExtremeUncomfort is so much more than that. ExtremeUncomfort is a brand that explores life’s deepest, darkest, brightest and most beautiful moments. Deciphering battles between love and fear, adventuring into the unknown, and giving life meaning through sharing and creating of experiences that help people enjoy the struggles and triumphs of life.

ExtremeUncomfort searches for knowledge that will lead us towards truth and wisdom.

Yes, ‘extreme’ is in the name, but our levels of uncomfort are different. What may be extreme for one, may not be extreme for another. Thus, an interest in how things work, what makes people happy, what gives life meaning, the purpose of hardship, and other ideas, will help us find what our own comfort zones are.

Our comfort zone is a part of who we are. It is where we are most comfortable, but not necessarily where we are most happy or fulfilled.

Therefore, let’s see what’s outside it…

J. S.