About Me

Dear Readers,

Take each word as it comes and each sentence as it leaves. This is a tool for exploring yourself. But here is a little bit about me…

I am a young man born and raised in Ontario, Canada. A childhood that was nothing less than normal, with all the lies, seemingly harmless tricks, hugs and kisses one normally receives. During the exploration of my youth I participated in sports and music. I received a scholarship to continue my sporting endeavors at a school in the US. All things going well, misfortune decided to show up and give me two hip surgeries, the reasons why are unimportant. Through, struggle and sacrifice, I discovered something that was missing from my adolescents. That something was me.

Experiencing extremely uncomfortable feelings provided a sense of peace in my heart and clarity to my soul. Triumphs only seem worthy when gone through struggle. It is harsh and dirty, yet beautiful.

This idea causes for more exploration and research.

Put forth extreme uncomfortable effort.

J. S.