Let’s not get too crazy here. It seems that people nowadays want to constantly push push push and go go go. The age of speed and efficiency has risen and we are all its captains… or slaves, it’s hard to tell. But nevertheless, a battling, fast paced, productivity loving personality has risen in popularity. Hell, I created a blog called ExtremeUncomfort! However, this type of mindset, in my opinion, can sometimes be misconstrued. Getting outside your comfort zone in a difficult way and pushing yourself to the limit, day in and day out is not healthy or sustainable. So where do we draw the line between a healthy amount of uncomfortable so that we do not end up unhappy?


If you are not rewarded after completing the activity then you probably shouldn’t keep doing it, plain and simple. The effort of getting uncomfortable should conclude with a sense of reward and perhaps, fulfilment. That’s why we do difficult and strenuous things?! So that we reap the rewards at the end. It’s just a bonus if you enjoy the process as well.

If you enjoy the activity and it has few downsides, keep doing it. If it has too many negative effects, stop. If you don’t enjoy the activity, but it gives you tangible or intangible rewards, you should also do it. Only when you really need some kind of reward, however. If it has no reward, then you’re likely unhappy and therefore should discontinue said activity. If it gives you a tangible or intangible reward during the process and produces another reward upon completion, then do it till you’re dead.

Getting Out Of Bed

A little test you can do, if you think you should stop an activity because it is causing you to be unhappy, count how many days you don’t want to get out of your bed throughout the duration of the activity. To put a number on it, if the number exceeds 50% of the days of completion, then discontinue it. You can obviously change the number based off of your tolerance. But let’s not get too crazy and if that number gets too high, then just stop.

It’s okay to stop doing something hard and difficult that makes you unhappy. It’s not giving up. It’s just a change. One that will likely be for your betterment.

So take time to reflect on what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. If it makes you unhappy… stop. But if it’s just uncomfortable… well it’s always a good time to get extremely uncomfortable.

Reap your rewards.


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