Everything is your fault.

Your life and the way it has gone thus far has all been the cause of your thoughts and actions.

Your life is your life and your life is your fault.

If your life sucks…that’s a tough pill to swallow. And despite whether or not it is entirely true, it is very unlikely that someone else is going to make it any better. Some people get lucky, some people have support and intelligence, some people are simply gifted without reason, but some people are also extremely unfortunate due to their own and, yes, perhaps others doings. However, to those whom have been given a shitty hand due to others abuse, the same will not happen for your benefit.

It is so much easier to be cruel, mad, jealous, greedy, fearful, comfortable, and resentful. Therefore, does it make sense to hope cruel individuals will all of a sudden act generously (which would therefore be outside their comfort zone)? You may be kind and thoughtful, but do not expect a cruel man to act kindly. That’s like expecting a dog to meow. Don’t let it affect you and don’t blame them for your misfortunes.

On a more positive note, some people are very nice and sweet. You could argue that most are (I disagree). However, one good deed from another will not have enough impact to sustain-ably effect change in your life. It’s hard enough taking care of yourself, let alone someone else.

To repeat the message that seems redundant at this point, everything is your fault. Get extremely uncomfortable with that fact, take some responsibility and act accordingly.

Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


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