Alas, I, me, myself, have discovered the secret to unstoppable, inexplicable, unrelenting POWER!

After searching for a long and tireless time, I can do nothing but laugh at its appearance. For the secret has been right in front of me this entire time, but I was never able to see it. Have you ever heard of the detective’s curse? The detective is looking for the one clue needed to break the case, but can’t find it, meanwhile it was right under his/her nose the entire time. With so many people searching for and not finding this thing called power, they are often just standing in their own way. How can you see past someone standing in front of you, even if that person is yourself?

Nevertheless, the secret to my and many’s turmoil is here. The one thing that people want, the thing that people kill for, lie for, steal for, etc. Wait a second… what is so great about this power you seek? People lie and steal for it? Doesn’t it also make good people go bad, and bad people worse? Doesn’t it trick people into selfishness and create lies that feed only the lowest of human needs? Do you really want to have that power? What cataclysmic horizon are you hoping to see or obtain? Do you really think that having more power will get you where you want to be? Assuming where you want to be is truly where you wish to go. What kind of power do you seek and why do you seek it?

Jeez so many damn questions…

Well, let’s cut to the chase. There is no big revealing and there is no secret to gaining power. I believe it to be pretty well known. True power is only given to those who do not seek it, but this power is not the one we often affiliate with. It is not one of kings and queens, fame and riches, or sex and rock and roll. It is one of selfless love. It is only realized through the acception of your immortality, of realizing that someday you are going to die. Therefore, acting accordingly and not seeking selfish gains, which are likely driven by the fear of death. If you were going to live like you were going to die tomorrow (god forbid), what would you do differently? How would you live differently?

Do not be led by fear and greed. Don’t be afraid of the unknown. Act for your own self-respect and that of doing the right thing. This race for an end goal of success and power is futile. You’re going to end up in a hole or in ashes anyway. An old man, drinking from his bottle of gin, staring at the empty wall, his eyes full of what seemed to be regret, once told me that, “everything you seek, everything you wish for or dream of, will, at one time or another, be gone, and so will you… so what’s the rush?”

I wish I never act to seek power. I wish I never lie and trick myself into seeking power and acting selfishly. I wish I never become foolish and think that self proclaimed power is stronger than love. Believe me when I say, I would rather be dead.


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