There are 1,600,000,000 people living in ‘inadequate shelters’. Of those 1.6 billion, there are 150,000,000 who are homeless, who do not have a kitchen, who do not have a bathroom, who do not have a bed.

Unemployment is exceeding 192,000,000.

815,000,000 people are undernourished.

There are 153,000,000 orphans.

300,000,000 have depression.

151,600 people die every day.


Those who are fortunate enough to have a home, food, guidance, income, love, etc. are very lucky. As you can see by the numbers, many other people in this world aren’t.

If you are complaining about your situation or making up excuses for why you aren’t where you want to be (even though there is probably nothing wrong with where you are), remember that there are people out there with no food, no home, no family, no hope. It is unfortunate and odd that human nature seems too keen for dissatisfaction, no matter our environment. We always want more than what we have. ‘My job sucks.’ ‘This car is a piece of shit.’ ‘This pizza tastes bad.’ ‘My coffees cold.’ ‘I want to be rich.’ ‘I want a two story garage.’ ‘I want to be successful’ – confusing our wants with our needs. If we just look around and open our eyes, to not only our town or city, but to the other 195 countries out there… relative to what is out there, what we have is pretty nice. To put it bluntly, your excuses are garbage and your opportunities (whether you see them or not) are a privilege.

To those who have no home, not enough food, no family (in the loving environment sense of the word), no job, those who are ill, and those who have no hope… I am sorry. However, despite what you see or feel, you always have kindness. You always have the ability to love another. You always have the choice to give to another. Whether that be through standing so others can sit, cleaning so others can enjoy, talking so that those who are afraid too can be heard, or smiling so others won’t frown. You always have a choice to make, inside you. And isn’t having a choice an opportunity all its own?

To the excuse makers, cut the shit. To the opportunists, kindness trumps all. Finally, to the hopeless, there is always a choice, there is always a way.


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