Once again starting with a question… do you know who you are? If you do, that is a victory worth celebrating. If you do not, don’t get upset. Many people think they don’t know who they are and there are even those who say they know but are actually lying. Some people go their entire lives not knowing who they are. Well, the thing is folks, the answer you seek has been in front of you this whole time.

Acting towards your purpose or doing what interests you will give you fulfillment, right? And being fulfilled will bring on feelings of happiness and joy, right? This implies that finding out who you are is an integral part of what will help bring joy to your life. Find out what makes you tick and address it accordingly, simple.

Obviously, this is easier said than done. Figuring out your passions can and will likely be one of the most challenging things you will ever do. Not because of the thousands of wrong targets you may hit, or the emptiness you may wander around in, it’s because it will cause you to be under the most uncomfortable feelings you have ever imagined to experience. It will rip you out of your skin and drag you across the pavement. It will shed you down to the thinnest layer of your existence so that you can see, for once in your life, what you are.

Going out of your comfort zone, facing challenges, seeking the struggle, trying new things, all go towards you discovering yourself. You did something you’ve never done before, hmm, there’s something new. There’s something about yourself you didn’t know before. The more you try new things the more you’ll uncover and the more layers you get to see. If you can’t or don’t like something, fine, move on. If you try something else and actually kind of like it, awesome. Follow that. If you wait for the answer to come to you, overuse of the law of attraction, then you will likely be waiting for a long time.

It is a simple yet difficult idea. However, it will undoubtedly show who you are.

One last thing to add, on your journey of self-discovery, after all the struggles and triumphs you overcome and celebrate, you may realize something. You may realize that what you wanted to achieve, who you wanted to be, and what you discovered was always there, from the very start. All of the things you wished you had, the person you wished to be, or the things you have and the person you are, all started with who you are right now. It was always within you. It was always there. You always were who you are and hoped to be… just look at you, man, you’re quite something.


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