Are you tired? How long does it take for someone like you to recover? What would you necessarily even need to recover from? How about from a physical workout? Well, it would probably take a day or two to recover enough to go back to the gym the next day. Most people would agree. However, what if you continue this pattern for months or even years? You’d probably be one fit gal or guy, but man I think you would be pretty tired. How do you know when to take a break and rest? 

I am no physiologist but through my training as a track and field athlete, I have some experience in recovering. In terms of fitness, you attack certain bodily systems in order to achieve a certain goal. You want to increase strength? Lift a heavy weight a few times followed by some sort of aerobic exercise. You want to run faster? Add some sort of resistance training
 (It’s not that simple) and then rest. The point is that you put something in and you get something out. Give, get. A sort of balancing act.

The physical body can take a heavy toll, but you are not just made up of bones, blood and flesh. You are a complex human being with feelings and emotions, likes and dislikes, pleasures and vices, goals and dreams, and parts of you that you might not even understand yet. Do you not think that these elements need some recovery too?

Try and think of yourself as being made up of certain levels (containers) that need to be constantly refilled and emptied. They are continuously working with and against one another for size, space, and fuel. There are three levels, listed in hierarchical order. The bottom level is your body, containing your muscles, bones, organs, etc… The second is your mind, containing your emotions and feelings. The top level is your soul, containing your ideas, thoughts, and overall being. 

Like was said, your muscles can take a real beating. Much more than you or I think they can. Your mind can probably handle a lot more than you think as well, but it sometimes might be a little sensitive – like mine. It may take a little longer to recover from a kind of mental abuse. The soul is very hard to distinguish as it is so complicated. I therefore can’t say what it is, but I can perhaps describe it in a form of when I think it would be subjected to damaged. You feel your soul ache when a family member passes, when you lose a job, when you see a loved one cry and when your heart gets broken. Recovering from these types of experiences will definitely take longer than it takes for the systems in the lower, but equally important, levels to recover. If you need to take the time to recover from a traumatic event, go ahead! Although, how would you go about it?

Well, recovery is different for every person. It most certainly does not have to be lying in your bed all day. It could actually be the exact opposite, in that you need to go under more stress and more uncomfortable situations. More importantly though, it is a delicate balancing act. Everything in life requires balance. But, it is not that simple, as our minds can play tricks. An action and a reaction can be defined in very different ways and may not be in the way you originally perceive or even in the time period you expect them to take place in. That’s why you try and make it simpler and take note of how much fuel is in each of your three levels (containers). Is one a little low on fuel, the other overflowing, or has one been full for so long it’s starting to corrode and therefore effect the others? Make the adjustments, try and create some balance, walk on the line between chaos and order and allow your levels to recover.

Moderation is good in moderation

In order to be balanced, you have to be, for a time, unbalanced.


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