Have you ever been through a tough time? Complete and extremely uncomfortable rock bottom? By yourself? Or lucky enough to have friends help you through it?

The bad times act like a filter to rid of the two faced fake people in your life and reveal the true friends. The friends who make the effort to go out of their way to make sure you are okay and well. The friends who act without enticement or an expectation of getting something in return. Complete sacrifice of time, energy and honesty for the betterment of someone else.

Bad times are really hard to understand. Why would the universe create something so terrible? Going back to the filter of friends. If you never went through that bad time then you would never really know who your true friends are. The relationships that are built off of helping each other through difficulties are so much stronger and deeper than ones with a foundation of partying and laughter. Sounds pretty pessimistic, but it’s true.

Something I find very interesting and I often ponder is how lucky I am to have gone through what I have gone through, being who I am. Going through what was to me a shitty situation more than a couple times, created something beautiful. Filtered out the fake people, cleared my mind to what was important, developed faith, love, gratitude.

People who think they see people of weakness or sadness, feel bad and look down upon them. However, they have it all wrong. They’re the confused ones. They miss out. They miss out on what can grow from a solid foundation. From the laughter that makes your stomach hurt and heart warm, smiling at the dinner table with real friends and family. From the smile you give to random strangers and helping those in need, because you understand what it is like. From the deepest most meaningful relationship that can only develop from going through bad times with friends.

If you feel alone, you’re really not… but still, punk up and get your own. Take action.


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