What is happiness to you? A nice house? Cars? Family? Friends? Boats? Trips? Parties? Turkey Dinners? Concerts? Christmas Eves? Drive-in movies? Sand castles? Children? Grandparents? Companionship?

I’d say most people, deep down, want to find love, community, and respect. However, I’d also say that most people want money, cars and a house in the Caribbean, LA and Dubai. Chasing happiness in items or surface thinking things (things that are wanted without thinking very hard, without going beneath the “surface”) makes happiness fleeting. It will go as quickly as it has arrived.

There is something to be said for struggle and responsibility. People think “the struggle” (in terms of pop culture) is pain…short events of pain and suffering (funny how this reflects a definition of happiness in relation to items and surface thinking things). “The struggle”, is time. Every… single… day… for years.

Responsibility. Developing responsibility. Seeking responsibility. Responsibility lasts. Discipline lasts. Love lasts. Waking up every morning and being responsible for your life and those that you care about. It is much deeper than happiness and doesn’t go away once you have it.

How to tie this all together? Time can be really short or really long. Why do good things and fun times seem to end so quickly, while discomfort and suffering tend to go on forever? I’m not going to pretend like I know what is going on or that what I am saying makes sense. But…I like to believe that everything has an opposite reaction, you get what you give, yin yang, physics… Through responsibility you will struggle, but the opposite reaction to that struggle will be some form or shape of what you call happiness. Sounds nice and comforting in theory and you don’t have to believe it, because it may not be true. But I know for a fact that if you don’t believe in something, it will never happen.

Jordan Peterson is a big advocate of responsibility, big fan.
Jordan Peterson on Responsibility


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