To start it off, I will share my personal view of why one should get out of their comfort zone as much as possible. These thoughts are mine alone, created from either some abstract idea or ideas I have agreed with over the span of my long twenty two years on this earth. Keep in mind, I know that I do not know everything and most of these ideas or thoughts could go either way. Nevertheless, keep an open mind, and think.

Other than the obvious answer of why getting out of your comfort zone allows you to grow and therefore be happy, resulting in you meeting new people, new friends and living happily ever after. Getting out of your comfort zone is much more than a way to be happy, whatever that is. Pushing and driving yourself outside your comfort zone, whether that be physically (most common and easiest), mentally or spiritually is a way to who you really are. When placed in the unfamiliar everything is sort of boiled down and filtered out to the bare essentials. Whatever doesn’t boil away is different for every person. Whatever doesn’t boil away is you! Now, those ‘things’ that are left could be something you like or something you don’t like, but it is the truth. In the unknown there is no safety net to rely on. There is no one to call for help. There is just you and you alone. Sure, their might be familiar faces but if you are really out of your comfort zone, really really far away from it, you will feel a little sick in your stomach and you will feel alone. Sounds shitty, but it’s not like you have to stay their forever. You are free to go whenever you please. The weird thing is, as soon as you go back into your comfort zone an odd emotion arises – regret. Signals in your brain changed and actually started to become accustomed to the new environment. You were on the verge of something omnipotent. This esoteric thing inside you – the true you was learning and expanding. The real you was being born, again. It is almost like you can hold it and feel it pulsate in your hand and say wow, this is me…

Now there is some actual science to show how neurological receptors (or whatever they are called) in the the brain physically change to fit the new environment. It is not just “in your head”, if you know what I mean. There is an actual physical change when you venture into the unknown. I find that amazing. I also recommend looking into it more yourself.

For those who may think that you already know who you are and believe you are already who you want to be,  do you really think that is true? I am not saying that we are all in need of change.  I truly believe that everyone is fine just the way they are.  However, I also think that that is no excuse for finding out more about yourself and testing yourself. Your limits could be mere illusions and how beautiful could it be to overcome them, even if no one else notices and even if it is something very meager. There is something to be said for discovery and much more for honesty, especially in relation to yourself.

I appreciate you getting this far and hope you survived my odd writing style as well as my googling of synonyms. Please comment with questions and thoughts, I would love to read them.

This is an extension of me, my first blog post, funny enough I feel very uncomfortable.


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